Im Rahmen der Master-Veranstaltung FAE (Fachspezifischer Architekturentwurf) gibt es am Freitag, 16.11. um 13:30 in Raum 0501 einen weiteren offenen Gastvortrag (alle Interessierten sind willkommen). 

Ansgar Brauner (REWE Digital), Sprecher u.a. auf der JavaOne- und der Javaland, erzählt mit "Microservice Migration in a Brownfield Project" den Weg der REWE Digital zu einer Microservice-Architektur. REWE Digital ist neben Otto einer der deutschen Pioniere dieses Architekturstils, und einer der größeren agilen IT-Arbeitgeber im Raum Köln.

Über den Vortragenden:

Ansgar Brauner works at REWE Digital as Software Architect, taking care of the Domain Fulfillment. He started at REWE Digital in 2014 to help one of Europe’s biggest food retailers building the leading food eCommerce platform in Europe. Beside enabling 15 teams to work autonomously he helps the product owners to not neglect the technical view. Ansgar leads the Java User Group Dortmund is a speaker at international software development conferences like JavaOne, Devnexus, JPrime and Javaland.

Über das Thema:

„Three years ago we started refactoring a monolithic shop into an e-commerce microservice platform. By now we’ve grown to
150 developers. In this talk we want to share our journey and the lessons we’ve learned the hard way.
After agreeing on a few terms about microservices we want to provide some answers to problems we ran into:
• What kind of organizational structure do you need to reflect the vertical boundaries in software while growing fast?
• How do you define bounded contexts with many teams and features? Are there ways to guide your teams and enable
autonomy on all levels in your organization?
• Can you enable your teams to develop and deploy independently all the way to production?
• How does asynchronous communication with Apache Kafka change the way you think about your entities?
• How can multiple microservices contribute to the same pages? (And why you might have to implement this twice...)
As you see we will share our interpretation of a micro service architecture where developers stay in the driver’s seat and have a
fair degree of independence and participation.“