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  • Guided Project WS20_A02 AI Pipeline for Operations Automation at Cologne Bonn Airport

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Participants of the projects must be prepared to work in a “collocated” fashion. Due to Corona hygiene regulations, this will probably mean “virtual collocation”. It still means, however, that the team must agree on three common working days per week (e.g. Mon – Wed). Each work day starts with a (virtual) standup, and consists of development work in pairs (or at least with continuous presence in a messenger). In similar projects, Discord has work very well for that purpose.

Learning Outcome and Grading

The students will learn to train and run a machine learning algorithm based on a general-purpose platform, i.e. you have the chance to obtain practical knowledge in a type of project that will probably (in one way or another) dominate our IT solution space for years to come.


Formal Learning Outcome

  • As a software developer on Master level, I am able to explore new IT technologies and evaluate their strengths, weaknesses and applicability to a given task, by performing the following steps: 
    1. Capturing the goals for applying the IT technology, by obtaining that information from the appropriate stakeholders,  
    2. Deriving assessment criteria from these goals, 
    3. Defining an small but comprehensive application scenario for a Proof-of-Concept (PoC), 
    4. Capture the business workflows and processes that the scenario is based on, by interviewing business experts (or by other suitable methods), 
    5. Researching the details and background of the technology to be evaluated,
    6. Implementing the PoC-scenario in an agile manner in a team, applying craftsmanship in architecture and coding,  
    7. Describing the PoC results in a compact but comprehensive documentation, so that others can follow my thoughts and conclusions, and can try out my prototype themselves, and
    8. Presenting my PoC project in a lively, interesting presentation, 
  • so that my assessment of the presentation helps others to decide the "if" and "how" questions for that technology.  

Skill requirements in the project 

  • Must:
    • Experience in coding
    • Ability to work in a development team
    • Interest in dealing with complex technical environments
  • Nice to have:
    • Some exposure to machine learning or other AI applications
    • Some experience with hosting environments, especially Docker
    • Apache Kafka experience