Übung »Improve one of your requirement artefacts, based on comments and good examples«

In this exercise, you select one of your own requirement artefacts - be it a stakeholder role, a goal, a persona, or anything else. You can have a look at good examples from other teams.

Ca. 40 min


Worum geht es?

This exercise is about looking in detail at one specific requirement artefact. Give it 15 min of attention, and analyze it. What is missing, inconsistent, redundant? The “todo” comments may help. Then, improve it.

Your Task

  1. Meet with your subteam in a Zoom breakout room.
  2. Pick one of your artefacts.
  3. Analyze what is wrong with it. Use …
    • error and warning messages,
    • todos,
    • your own judgement, and
    • the list of good examples (see below).
  4. Improve it: Fix the errors and warnings, and work on the text to address the comments and own concerns.
  5. Afterwards, we meet in the whole group, and each team presents its artefact.

Good Examples

There are a couple of good examples for each artefact type that I found during my “midterm review”. This list is not exhaustive (so I may have missed some good ones).