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GP »The Microservice Dungeon 2.0« (GP Microservice Dungeon 2.0 (SS22)), SS22


Begin/End and Scheduling
21.03.2022 - 31.08.2022. Organized as an agile project with sprints every 2 weeks. Workload is 2-3 working days per week, depending on whether it is a project in Master Computer Science or Master Digital Sciences.

Learning Outcome

As a Software developer I can refactor and further develop a complex brownfield microservice architecture, like "The Microservice Dungeon",

by me ...

  • understanding the way the software landscape works, and where its flaws are, by implementing one part (a Player) as a starting point,
  • prioritizing new features and refactoring tasks in an agile team process,
  • specify, implement, test, and run my enhancements,,
  • participate in Code Fights with my own Player, thus using my own software,,
  • describe my work, my results, and my reflection in a developer documentation and a team presentation,

so that I can try out how it is to work in a team developing complex software systems with a distributed back and front end.


  • 14:00 Sprint review / planning DevOps subteam
  • 14:30 Getting to know each other / Introduction to the project
  • 15:00 Work organisation
  • 15:30 Finalization of Sprint Planning

Work Organization

  • Sprint structure
    • 4 participants in 8CP GPs, 2 in 12CP GPs
    • see Excel
  • Project plan
    1. Everyone works on own player
    2. Code Fight
    3. Development phase
    4. Code Fight (2)
    5. Final presentation
  • Fixed working days
    • agreed within team
    • how many?
  • Presence or online?
    • Currently, university closed to presence until Apr 19
    • Better for team work: presence in a common room (if Corona situation allows this)
      • Preferences?
  • Discord as messenger
  • Grading
    • Will follow soon
    • Code & architecture quality first


  • DevOps & infrastructure
    • Provide self-service tools for the teams
    • Best practice DB solutions - shared DB instance per technology?
      • version upgrade professionalizatin
    • local dev env productification
    • Kubernetes cluster (Jannik / Ollie?)
    • monitoring infrastructure
    • full self-service infrastructure
  • Monolith?
  • Gameplay - further development
    • simple & generic? or very specialized?
    • simplify rules
    • optimize numbers for trading etc.
  • Refactor Asynchronous API
    • Masterarbeit Fabian Weiß (Authorisation / Authentification)
    • redesign Async API
  • Refactor inter-service communication (sync => async)
    • commands chain within core services is now REST-based
    • should be refactored towards async messages
  • Generic Player
    • core features?
    • how much should the people do themselves, what is provided by player?
    • health-interface
    • individual client
  • Design Pattern Mining
    • Patterns
    • Antipattern
    • Plop conference?
  • RBAC (Authorization / Authentication)
  • Dungeon Dashboard
    • microfrontend-inspired approach
    • Gamelog integration (Grafana)
    • layer-based grid (Map, Robot)
    • Trading

Next meeting and todos